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After much trial and error I have finally tweaked the Trim, Healthy Mama (THM) recipe to [my] perfection!


  • 4 tsp up to 1/4 cup xylitol, ground OR 1-3 TB Homemade Sweet Blend (see recipe below)
  • A few shakes of NuNaturals Pure Stevia Extract Powder (do not add if using Homemade Sweet Blend)
  • 1/4 cup pure cocoa
  • 1/2 cup Banaban coconut oil
  • 1Tb cream (or cream cheese will also do the trick!) – *optional
  • ¼ tsp. of salt

*Optional additions: coconut, berries, chopped nuts, berries, peanut paste, etc. Maybe even a squirt of Nirvana Stevia Chocolate Drops.

Note: I have the handy dandy shaker that came with the NuNaturals Stevia. I open the lid to only have the powder come out from three little circles. I then give the Stevia about 3 gentle shakes. However, it’s all personal taste learned through trial and error.

A Serving Size is about one third of this mix at each sitting.

I only buy pure cocoa. Cacao is too expensive for me, and I don’t particularly see much difference between it and pure cocoa. Simply check the back of the packet for the ingredient list to ensure you have pure or 100% cocoa. Some producers add all sorts of sweeteners and fillers to their cocoa so you don’t want this.

If you want to know what Trim Healthy Mama is you can read my review over at AussieHomeschool.

If you want to read more variations on the THM Skinny Chocolate recipe, see the THM Pinterest board.

Addendum 11/03/2015: I was finding my own Skinny Chocolate tweaks to be missing the spot…  and then I stumbled across a homemade sweet blend that does the trick perfectly.

  • I tsp. THM Pure Stevia Extract
  • 1 cup erythritol
  • 1 cup Xylitol

Blend together in processor or bullet. Use spoon for spoon.

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  1. Hi Susan, These look great!! Just wondering why you’ve found this recipe to be an improvement from the one in the book? And where did you get your xylitol?

    • Hi Alison,
      I purchased my first bag of Xylitol from the local health food store but recently saw that Gaganis Brother in Therbarton/Hindmarsh sells it for a good price. (Psst, they also sell Channa Dahl, pure Cocoa, Quinoa, nuts and seeds).

      I’ve used my homemade truvia, which is a mix of stevia extract and erythritol and added cream but I just couldn’t get it.

      As I have had a problematic tooth lately, I have been researching how to heal and remineralise teeth and so I learned about the benefits of Xylitol. So I thought I’d give it a go with the Skinny Chocolate.I played around with the type and amount of cream and finally got it to a very enjoyable point.

      There are a few more calories with the xylitol as opposed to the truvia but it is worth it for the taste and the benefit to my teeth.

      I’m interested to hear your take on it, if you try it.

      • Thanks, I’m hoping to give it go. I quite like the original recipe with nuts added, and peppermint oil…but no one else does!

        • Yeah, I will say that I feel like I’ve tried everything from peanut paste, nuts, coconut, berries, coffee and more and I still wasn’t happy with the base recipe. I love what the coconut oil does for my health and it has helped dramatically with chocolate cravings (as in I don’t eat regular chocolate anymore) but I also want it to be very palatable, for the family as well.

          What sort of peppermint oil do you use and where do you get it?

          • It was just from the cake section in the supermarket…probably not very good for you…but I’ve bought enough new ingredients for the time being :)

          • Ah, no worries. I’ve heard other ladies talk about these essences/oils and never quite figured it out. But I always bypass the cake section. ;)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! Yours is the best one I have tried thus far. It is wonderful! I was in a hurry so didn’t add much to it—just sprinkled some sugar-free coconut all over the top. I love it! Thank you again! :)

  3. What type of cream do you use? Heavy? Thanks in advance.

    • Hmm, I’m in Australia and we don’t have a huge range of cream. We have Thickened Cream which has gelatine and/or other vegetable gums and thickeners in it. And we have Pure Cream. As much as possible, I use the pure cream with no additives or thickeners.

  4. Susan I just made this chocolate using your recipe (except for the xylitol as I haven’t made the trip to the health store yet so I replaced it with natvia) and it was DELICIOUS. When I made the recipe from the book I hated it and was sure I wasn’t going to bother again. So thank you………I think~!!

  5. So, this may seem obvious to everyone else but, how do I MAKE these? I see the ingredient list but not the actual directions. Do I just add everything to the melted coconut oil and then put into molds to set?


    • Hi Lisa,
      Aha! Sorry about that but because it is a tweaked recipe from the book, Trim Healthy Mama (which provides directions) I didn’t think to write them. Plus it is ridiculously easy!

      Simply mix all ingredients together. Pour into moulds *or* pour onto a plastic (disposable) plate and freeze for 15min. Either remove from moulds and store in the fridge or using a blunt knife to break chocolate into chunks.

      In summer, you won’t need to warm the coconut oil as it will be melted but in winter I sometimes put it into a bowl, which I put over a pot of simmering water and heat it very gently – just enough to melt the oil. Then pour the oil into the dry ingredients and stir gently to combine.

      Does that help?

      • Helen Wood says:

        Helps me …. I was just about to ask the same question!
        Thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes ….. but I do have Cacoa .. so I’m hoping it works like for like.
        Cross your fingers … I’ll get back to you soon!

  6. Thank u for yr recipe, Susan :). I haven’t tried any of the THM recipes yet, being a newbie. I have a packet of xylitol in the cupboard unopened and some stevia granules that came in a green tin with a little green spoon from the supermarket. I’ve not seen nunaturals.

    Would I get the stevia extract and erythritol from a health food shop? The xylitol was expensive when I got it and I have been a little nervous to use it at $27 a packer. We holidayed in Sth Africa this year and it was $6 there so I was taken back at the price here. The shop assistant said it comes from there so that is why it’s so cheap there.

    I look forward to tasting this chocolate one day soon :)

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