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Go get a gravatar!

Have you ever wondered how some people have a cute little picture or a photo of themselves or their business logo next to their name when they leave a comment? It’s called an avatar. Other social networking sites call them by different names but the general name is an avatar. In this post I explain how and where to get one.

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Almost 800 pages

732 published posts and 62 published pages? That’s 794 in total. That’s over 6 years worth of writing, quoting and linking. So it stands to reason that there are many links which are broken, outdated or no longer existing. I am s-l-o-w-l-y going through the whole site and trying to correct or delete them. It’s a painful process.

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Random Quote

Every homeschool day is unique. You will find the rhythm and flow that move through each day. Your daily routines lend a basic structure around which you create the rest of the day. Always be ready to cast the schedule to the wind when something wondrous is happening. An unusual bug, a sudden hailstorm, the birth of kittens, the best game of Monopoly ever played: that is the best learning opportunity for your children this very day.

— Ann Lahrson-Fisher