Who Cares about Greens Anyway?

Who Cares about Greens Anyway? Why all this fuss about greens? Who cares? Why are they different to any other vegetable? Green fruits and vegetables are rich in health promoting phytochemicals such as lutein and folate.  Green foods can support most bodily functions and eliminate toxins such as...

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Seeing as how my few readers seem so keen to talk more about Green Smoothies I thought I’d post a few links, a recipe or two and a video. I’m so keen to share this so would like to offer as much help as I can.

Blender Dilemma: SOLVED

Blender Dilemma: SOLVED Don’t you love your hubby? I do! Here I was researching various blenders, which would have taken me a month of Sunday’s to narrow it down, when on the way to the airport, to get Miss A, I told John that I could do with his input. I gave him the summary:...