Stories or Opinions

Stories or Opinions

Stories are relational, opinions are more like facts. Grace and truth are conveyed through stories. Stories have characters, actions and outcomes which all takes time to be played out. They are intricately woven and allow the listener to make their own rich connections. Stories communicate much, although it’s not always so easy to find the ‘moral’ of the story, if there is indeed one moral to be learned.

Narration ~ Discussion ~ Debate

Narration ~ Discussion ~ Debate Todays blast from the past was written in Jan, 2006. The daughter that I talk about is now 19 years old. Narration and discussion have been a cornerstone of our family’s learning style and I just wanted to share something that happened the other day. Miss A (14 yodd)...

We Argued Over Fireproof

We Argued Over Fireproof I’m probably the last Christian in Australia to see the movie but finally… I watched it! Fireproof, that is. Funny story with it though. I had told Miss A that I wanted to watch it one day when it came out on DVD. So, for an anniversary (in late June)...

Homeschooling Isn't About Education

Homeschooling Isn't About Education I didn’t write this article, but it’s too good not to share. It was written by Chris Davis, formerly from Elijah Co. If you have been a recipient of my eNewsletter or if you have heard me speak at a conference you know that I have a concern about the shift...

Parent or Best Friend?

Parent or Best Friend? Hands up if you have a teen daughter? A few years ago, I was advised to be my daughter’s parent- not her best friend. The advice was given that I need to be her guiding influence and an authority figure. And with that, I do agree! But… So I tried being...

How Do We Parent?

How Do We Parent?

When I see the way that God parents me I am more able to parent my children in love, in grace…with discipline as it should be – loving discipline. Discipline that restores, not tears down or breaks hearts. Every action the Father does toward me is one of restoration, although I don’t always see that at the time. But it is. That is His nature and I trust Him.

Walking By Grace

Walking By Grace Some of my readers may remember my where I talked about having a child who is trying to run away from the reality of God. I have shared how heart breaking this is. While it is still hard and every day brings its own challenges I would like to share some of the...

Mother of a Prodigal

Mother of a Prodigal

Parenting teens is exciting & adventurous to downright difficult. A time of growing & relearning for a parent. Being challenged is not always easy but always valuable. Through it we learn perspective and discernment.

The Recipe for Success

The Recipe for Success Aha! I bet that subject line roped you in, eh? We all want to achieve success – successful , godly children right? I’m learning that my initial thoughts and ideas on things are not always what is deeply in my heart. Over the years, I have been asking God...