Training Children to Use Facebook for God's Glory

Training Children to Use Facebook for God's Glory

Many homeschool families do not have an issue with facebook. Their teens don’t care much for it so there’s no problem. But not all homeschoolers are like this. Some homeschool families are very much into technology and social media. However if, like me, you are going to allow your teens to be involved on facebook, this video gives some very helpful and practical tips for parents.

Galatians Bible Study with Teens

Galatians Bible Study with Teens

Meaty Bible study for teens, young adults and new/young believers. This book is not devotional in nature. The concepts it deals with are meaty. But it is written in a way that even children can understand. There’s no reason not to learn doctrine when there are truth-filled, helpful books such as this. Letters to Brian & Daniel will clearly impart wisdom on the nature of God, the nature of man, the sovereignty of God, salvation, grace, faith, law and freedom.

No Teens Here

No Teens Here There was a time when I banned the word ‘teen’ from our home. Being that the concept of ‘teenagers’ is a relatively new phenomenon we wanted to avoid the whole drama that seems to be synonymous with those teenage years. But you may have noticed...

Super Simple Spiritual Sunday Meme

Super Simple Spiritual Sunday Meme I used to participate in the SSSS meme but I haven’t for ages. Weekly meme’s just come around far too quickly for me 😀  However, I do like to share links and today is Sunday! So, I’m going to do a SSSS meme again posting some articles or sites...

Self harm? Don't Be Ignorant

Self harm? Don't Be Ignorant Today’s blog post isn’t something pleasant, but it is something that I want to write about…to encourage other parents to be aware of. Self harm, self injury, mutilation, call it what you will. Teens devise elaborate self-harm SOME troubled teens are...

Walking By Grace

Walking By Grace Some of my readers may remember my where I talked about having a child who is trying to run away from the reality of God. I have shared how heart breaking this is. While it is still hard and every day brings its own challenges I would like to share some of the...

Where Are the Parents of Teens?

Where Are the Parents of Teens?

I often wondered why there weren’t many parents of teens around the forums. I wanted to glean from them but they often weren’t around and if they were, they didn’t seem to be talking about the same kind of homeschooling messages that I wanted to hear. Now, I think I am one of them. I love to talk and write about what we’re doing but two things roam through my head.

Physical activity and boys

Physical activity and boys Awhile ago I mentioned that ‘Master J’ had joined Air Force cadets. what I hadn’t mentioned is how it all came about.  I find it quite an interesting story…I’d love to hear of your *boy* stories if you’d like to share. About one...

More Myths

More Myths Some readers may remember my heartfelt posts I wrote last year. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about you can find the particular posts and . Dana, from Living Stones, has been known to visit this blog and I’m a regular reader of her...