About me…

I am a 40 something mother who delights in being a wife and mother. In a nutshell, I could be classified as Bible-First, keeper-of-the-home, eclectic, thematic, literature-loving, God-fearing, natural learner, Daughter of The King. I want to proclaim the gospel to my children and teach them the ways of the Lord. I want to encourage others to proclaim the kerugma!
I manage the home and family logistics.
I teach my children at home.
I build and manage websites. I participate in online forums.
I read. I study.
I drink coffee and eat chocolate. Occasionally, I cook.

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Our Family Bible study

Often the Bible is like a mystery- we want to read it and study but how? How can we study the Bible for ourselves, and lead our children into a lifetime love of study of the word of God? The Bible isn’t an easy book to read, let’s be honest about it. In fact, it isn’t one book- it’s a whole library containing sixty-six books! However, that shouldn’t deter us from reading and understanding it. It’s good that we desire for our children to read the Bible. This site is an attempt to give you some tools to do just this: read, understand and communicate the word of God.

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Our Family Goals

Our goal in studying the Bible is that we may know God…that we may know the mind of Christ…that we may be transformed by the power of the gospel, and to grow a Christian world-view.

Below are some of our family’s goals. Have you considered your own goals for your family? They will probably look different to our goals, and that’s the way it should be. I list our goals to give you ideas, in case you have not reflected on this as yet.

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Random Quote

When we begin studying the person, the real child, we must serve who he is, not fit him into our schedules or plans. Part of this is allowing him play.

— Susan Schaeffer Macaulay