When my daughter turned 15 we stopped paying for softball. Now softball is ‘Miss A’ ‘s delight. It is her passion. It is something that she has learned many valuable life lessons and skills from. She has worked hard and has reaped the rewards of that diligence. However, it was time for her to start to pay for it herself. 😉 Time to get a part time job and enter the wonderful world of The Workforce! What to do? Where to start? I had very little idea.

Firstly, she had to have her own banking account so we go to work on that. We decided to go with a bank that is Australia-wide as it will be needed seeing that we travel so much.

Then, she needed a Tax File Number. Hmmm, not as easy as the bank account. Most schools automatically do this for their students but homeschoolers have to do it the hard way 🙄 but the best way! 😛 My 14yodd has a TFN but doesn’t really understand what it is, nor how she would go about getting one by herself. ‘Miss A’ , the homeschooler, does but that’s because she has had to dig this information out for herself. So whilst it seems tedious or hard, it’s well worth it! Plus, in the process the student is still learning valuable life skills about the workplace environment, filling in forms, dealing with professionals, etc. (If it sounds like I’m putting my 14yodd down, I’m not. She fully admits to this herself and was happy for me to share this)

Next, she compiled her resume. She was a little concerned at first because the resume was, naturally, quite bare. I mean, if one needs a job to gain experience what experience could they have had to write on the resume? However, I think most employers are well aware of that catch-22 and they look a little deeper than the piece of paper. However, this piece of paper is often the first impression so it pays to do one’s best on it. I told ‘Miss A’ to research resumes on the Internet. She did. She then compiled her own resume and proceeded to deliver it to a few places.

Then, a friend from church suggested she try at a local Cake n Coffee House. She dropped her resume off, received a call back from the boss and then went in for an interview. The boss barely looked at the resume but spent a good deal of time talking with her. He also wanted to see me, which I thought was a good sign. usually I don’t think it is a good idea for Mums to attend interviews with their children. I believe employers desire to see fairly independent people but in this situation the boss asked me to attend as he realised and understood that ‘Miss A’ was still a junior and I would be responsible for getting her to and from work. I thought this was very good and wise of him. We all got to know each other. She started part time work within days. 😎

I have taken out the personal details but left the bare bones of ‘Miss A’ ‘s resume for others to glean some ideas from and see what is necessary in compiling their own resume. Once the basic resume is done it can be updated as necessary.



Personal Details:
Date of Birth:

Profile and Strengths:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills acquired via study and real life relationships.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and ability to work independently.
  • Initiative and able to think on my feet.
  • Friendly and always enthusiastic to learn new things.

I am seeking the opportunity to expand my skills, knowledge and experience in a junior role. To gain more experience in the work force and become a valuable member of the work society I am involved in.


  • 1997-2007: *Surname* Homeschool: Currently working toward year 11 and 12 certificate, with intentions of studying to achieve School Leaving Certificate in 2008.
  • 2001: Basic First Aid Certificate

Work Experience:

  • 2003- 2004: ST Softball Association Under 13 Girls team Assistant Coach.
  • 2005- 2006: AW Softball Association U-14 Girls and Boys umpiring.
  • 2007: Junior Games Pathway 5 week Coaching program, E Primary School.
  • 2006- current: Cake House Barista.

Community Involvement:

  • Re Cycle 2006 with Community Church Brigade.
  • 40 Hour Famine August 2006, Community Church.
  • Junior Games Pathway 5 week Coaching program, E Primary School.

Computer Skills and Experience:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Image Programs, Internet, etc.
  • Operating Systems used: Windows 95, Windows XP, Linux.

Strengths and Interests:

  • Softball
  • Nutrition, fitness and Health
  • Youth Group involvement
  • Church attendance
  • Reading and studying
  • Family


  • 2005: Coaches Award State National
  • 2006: Selected in Australian Youth U/17 Softball Development Squad
  • 2007: Captaining State U/16 Girls National Premiership
  • Receiving Most Valuable Player of National tournament
  • Selected in Australian U/19 Womens Squad.
  • Cake House Barista Course- Level 1.
  • Selected in U/19 Queensland Squad 2008.

Name: Mr. _______
Position: State Head Coach U/16 Girls Softball Team

Name: Mr. __________
Position: Current employer, *Name of Business*

A few books that we read and discussed were:The Teenager’s Guide to Part-Time Jobs: Tips for Earning a Dollar by Samantha and David Koch

The Teenager's Guide to Part-Time Jobs: Tips for Earning a Dollar

and The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education by Grace Llewellyn