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The Wedding Day ~ part two

The house was in a flurry of excitement for the Big Day had arrived. Hair, makeup, food, dresses. Agh! But in the midst a beautiful young man and woman were joined before God in holy matrimony. I didn’t cry once. For the whole day. It was the most magical day and I was deliriously happy. Abigail has chosen wisely as Ian is a fine¬†young man who is responsible and mature yet full of energy and life. He is a godly young man who has a heart to serve the Lord and both John and I are happy and proud to have him in our family. Nothing sad about that! I couldn’t stop smiling all day. Ok, I’ll be honest. I did cry just once. As they drove off from the reception I had a wave of happy-sadness. It only lasted a minute or so.

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Stories or Opinions

Stories are relational, opinions are more like facts. Grace and truth are conveyed through stories. Stories have characters, actions and outcomes which all takes time to be played out. They are intricately woven and allow the listener to make their own rich connections. Stories communicate much, although it’s not always so easy to find the ‘moral’ of the story, if there is indeed one moral to be learned.

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A Tip for Each Year of Marriage

Earlier this week, John and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  Like any married couple, we have had ups and downs, times of plenty and been in need. Also like every other couple, we have fought and cried together. Here are 25 things that I have learned and am still learning to do.

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