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Just an Ordinary Day

Today was one of those days. Of not coping. As much as I love them I am so over The Wiggles. Do the Propeller, Do the propeller around and around, We’re going up and up and up and up”
Stop Susan, have a normal conversation for once!

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I Am A Good Mum

I’ve felt like a failure as a mum. Every belief I had about God, man, myself, my husband, my educational and parenting philosophies were challenged. Nowadays I am confident about one thing. I was a good mum. I did my best. I am a good mum and I’m still doing my best.

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More Children Equals More Humility: Letter To My Daughters

As I look through the Scriptures I simply cannot see where being a mother means that I will become more humble. I have learned that God uses the everyday circumstances of our lives to do His amazing, transforming work in our lives but He can do this with any circumstance. He’s not limited to using parenthood!

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MacArthur… on parenting

We’re certainly not to think that God’s sovereignty in salvation means the way we raise our kids is immaterial. God often uses faithful parents as instruments in the salvation of children.

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