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Freedom versus Bondage

There are things that I struggle with in my life. Some things I have even had to set boundaries for. These boundaries give me the opportunity for accountability…they help me to be strong in areas that I am weak. Rules, boundaries, safe-guards, guidelines, do’s, do not’s…call them what you will but they are boundaries

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Being Dead

A little bit pregnant? A little bit alive? A little bit dead? Nope! You are either are or you are not. So why do we expect godly behaviour from those who are not alive in Christ?

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I'll Do My Best and God Can Do The Rest

I do my best to be the wife, the mother, the friend that God wants me to be but I cannot escape the fact that God is The One who holds my future in His hands, despite what I do or don’t do. Do your best and leave God to the rest. Our hope is in Him. He is the great Healer, the restorer. He is our Saviour, Our Lord and our Master. He is more than capable. Share His goodness with your children every day. Yes train them, guide them, discipline them. But always be pointing to His goodness, His strength, His power, and His sovereignty. This is the way to teach your children that they are saved by grace, not works.

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Teaching Character or a Code

I don’t use the word of God to teach a set rules/code of behaviour but I will proclaim the message of God and trust that the Holy Spirit will teach them what He wants to teach them. Their salvation is not dependent upon me teaching every character trait. It is dependent upon God! I can’t teach someone into salvation. What is the point, the goal of teaching the children? Is it that they become fine, moral, upstanding citizens or to usher them into the presence of the Almighty God? Two different issues and two different ways to go about it.

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