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God Delights In Us

God delights in us. Our lives don’t have to be full of rigidity, somberness and dull faces. We can live life! And have fun. We are allowed to enjoy life! In fact, He wants us to. He is pleasured when he watches us living and enjoying life within the environment He has provided for us.

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How Do You Share the Gospel?

Do you ever struggle in sharing the good news with others throughout your day? With those that God brings across your path? Maybe you’d like to watch this video and discuss it with your teens? Dr. Julius Kim, Dean of Students and Associate Professor at Westminster Seminary California, provides insight into how he shares the gospel.

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The Hunger Games for the Christian Parent

When looking for articles and reviews on The Hunger Games from a Christian perspective there are a multitude that will say it is not productive, beneficial or the right type of material for Christians to watch. I guess that all depends upon one’s worldview. We aren’t training our children to be ignorant of the world around them although we desire for them to be innocent of the same practices. Literature is an excellent medium for teaching all kinds of themes and concepts that are simply icky and difficult for young adults to comprehend in the real world.

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Weekly Wrap Up

Here’s a few good links that I posted to the kerugma facebook page this past week. I hope you enjoy them. Incidentally, our facebook page has a new look!

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Bartering Your Skills or Subject Lessons Over At AussieHomeschool

Join me over at AussieHomeschool as we write about bartering your skills and lessons in the homeschool. Maybe you can’t teach music but you love to teach a subject that a nearby friend does not. If you like Nature Study and your friend isn’t the most motivated person for Nature Study yet she loves Art, Cooking, Sewing or History maybe you could do a Lesson Swap!

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