Grace from Beyond the Black Stump noted me in her Favourite Blog post. That is very sweet. I don’t like to keep  or record any awards given but that’s doesn’t mean that they’re not nice to receive. Thank you Grace & Jillian. Even better though – I get to note some of my favourite blogs!

Grab a cup of decaf and spend some time at these blogs:

  • Two Kid SchoolHouse: Musings of a homeschool mom, very part-time student, and parasitic housewife to a seminary student, all rolled into one.
  • The Mother Lode: Humorous Straight Talk on Learning Differences, Family Life and the Horrors of Department Store Dressing Rooms
  • Belinda’s Notes: A place to share the things that happen in my family. The longer I homeschool the quicker I realise that these are not just everyday family happenings – they are the experiences that are educating my children.
  • Enduring Prize is the blog of Michelle, from Down Under Literature. Always very helpful and informative posts.
  • A Modern Day Essene: Posts reflections on life, home schooling, healthy living and family times.
  • Quo Vadis: Where Are You Going?