I’ve been MIA from the blog but so much has happened in real life. That’s usually the way, isn’t it? I have so much blog fodder but no time to write! 😎

We’ve had a very ‘light academic’ week this week. It wasn’t planned that way but real life took over. I have resumed softball coaching this year and I’m really looking forward to it but I also know that it takes a lot of mental time and energy so in preparation for that I’ve felt the need to declutter. With the help of my boys, I moved 4 bookcases to other rooms in the house, with the aim of making the kitchen/dining area look more open and less cluttered. I’ll also be taking everything out of the buffet hutch and packing it away. I simply don’t have time to dust all the ornaments, as much as I love the atmosphere they help create in the home.

the_l_cadetMaster J is getting all his gear ready as he heads out for a cadet bivouac this weekend. That’s always exciting for him.

bek1Things seem to be looking more positive for Miss R as she is doing her Cert1 in KitchenHand (already has Cert1 in Hospitality), work experience and part time paid work but she also has an interview today for a full time trainee ship. She still isn’t living home but we saw each other a few times this week again, which is positive.

I have a great story that gives praise to God, even though it isn’t really my story but Miss A has allowed me to share it as she doesn’t have time to write/blog it herself. When the ToolBox cafe closed down we didn’t encourage Miss A to look for another full time job. She already had a part time job lined up with some fellow Christians at their cafe. Photo 538However, we did recommend that she devote her energy to finishing her Cert3 in Fitness studies. She’s been doing really well with it plus training for the Developmental Australian Tournament, plus fitness training. I’ve really loved having her home again…homeschooling her all over again. 🙂 However, with car registration and 6 interstate softball tournaments this year she really needed some work as well. Softball is a fairly expensive sport once one gets to the higher levels. I suggested that she prioritise a list of her needs and put it before the Lord, asking Him to provide for those needs. I just left the idea with her. (Rewind a few months now) A few months ago she had a great job offer, one which any average young person would love to have but it just wasn’t right for her. She declined the offer. Well, two days ago she received a phone call asking if she could work at this place…any hours of her choosing! We talked about it and agreed that she didn’t go looking for it but instead asked God to provide so we saw this as His provision! Hallelujah! So she is now going back to work 4 days a week…softball takes 2 full days a week and study, fitness and committee work will be managed in between! Ah it’s a good job that she’s young and fit eh?

Scan2It’s great having John home again. The time away actually benefited him, physically. He worked out at the gym but didn’t have to drive for hours a day so his back was doing great. However, I’ve noticed that he’s been strained and stiff and in pain again for the last few days. We know it is all the driving but…? He drives an hour to work each day and an hour home each and every day. But it’s not the driving so much as it is this particular trip. It is through the Adelaide Hills which is a little up and down but worse than that it is windy…very windy with hair pin bends and sharp turns while going up and down hills. It’s not a leisurely drive at all…one has to remain braced and fully alert at all times. This is what prevents his back from healing and strengthening properly. In 2007 he had an accident at work and after a few weeks of agony, he had to have a shoulder reconstruction, which had him out of action for months. He went back to full time work too early and did a back injury He’s had x-rays and MRI’s and various other tests in which he has been told that he has a ‘blown disc’…that there is no cartilage between 2 vertebrae. Driving exacerbates the condition and causes pain. However, he’s allergic to many pain relievers and anti inflammatories so it isn’t as easy as taking a few pills.

03:08:09I’ve been exercising regularly for nearly 19 weeks! In that time I’ve had about 3-4 weeks off but otherwise I’ve exercised at least 3 times per week. I’ve gotten a bit stronger and had a few positive results but am nowhere as fit, strong and healthy as I expected. Actually I’ve been more tired and lethargic than ever. Exercise really tuckers me out! So I have consulted an online naturopath and have received my new nutritional program which I will be starting on Monday. I’d like to blog regularly about it but won’t make any promises.

On top of all that I am teaching my Dad to use a computer and the Internet. Difficulty in that is that he is in Broken Hill and I am in Adelaide! When he was here, John built him a computer and he took it home, set it up and is patiently working on it a little each day. I’m so proud of him as I know how difficult all this new technology is. But I can easily be on the phone with him for 30min or more just trying to instruct him on how to read an email! (I try to remember that I have trouble operating our several remote controls just to watch TV) But he’s keeping his mind active and staving of dementia and other conditions by learning new skills. Go Dad!

I still read my regular blogs but have done very little popping in and commenting this week…sorry! I hope to visit them again next week.