our marriage

21 years ago...our marriage

Only 18 days left…til John comes home!

In that time I’ve had my dad leave to go back to Broken Hill, my youngest daughter leave home and my eldest son have his first night at Youth group.

Still yet to happen:

  • Eldest daughter is to go away and return from softball tournament.
  • Younger daughter to have interview with ADF (Aust. Defence Force)
  • Youngest son to celebrate his 12th birthday (which will be postponed till John arrives home, no doubt)
  • Aside from that I need to get some things done- you know, pampering, feminine things in preparation for hubby’s return.

Ah to say that I can’t wait for his return would be a huge understatement… I love him with every dot point of my being. He’s my best friend, my lover, my playmate, my confidant, my shoulder-to-cry-on, my encourager, my truth-teller, father-to-my-children and my husband.

He…is… John.

Things you may not know about my husband:

  • He has never said a word about my weight, even when I was very overweight.
  • He always encourages my fitness fads- year after year after year after year.
  • He listens to me.
  • He makes me laugh.
  • He frustrates me.
  • He has always encouraged me with homeschooling.
  • He has always supported me in anything I wanted to do or try, even when it meant the yuck factor for him (e.g: my stints with healthy, raw foods).
  • He has the most gracious man I have ever met (It’s not my story to tell, but he has had some real rubbish thrown at him over the years and has always been the epitome of grace).
  • He is the most patient and forgiving man I have ever known.
  • He only knows two speeds – flat out or a complete stop!
  • When working on a project, will work obsessively until it is finished.
  • He tirelessly fixes my websites when I crash them.
  • Is a great husband and provider.
  • Is a great father.

There is heaps more that I could say… but I won’t. 😉 Suffice it to say that I cannot wait until he gets home!