Category: Heart Sharing

Mother of a Prodigal

Parenting teens is exciting & adventurous to downright difficult. A time of growing & relearning for a parent. Being challenged is not always easy but always valuable. Through it we learn perspective and discernment.

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I Lost My Voice

I don’t parent from fear now. And I don’t anymore. But I did. And I see similar actions from young parents- tactics used to control, cajole, manipulate or micro manage their children. I see some parents who are so scared of letting their children make mistakes.

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Fully Present In Every Moment

I want to honour the ordinary, to be fully present in the moment… to savour the little pockets of time that so often go by unnoticed. I want to fully engage with whatever it is that my hand is doing at the time. I want to connect all parts of me – head, hands and heart.

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