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Why Am I Online Today?

What is my plan, my purpose for being online today? What am I talking about with others? What is the point I am trying to make in my discussions? Am I majoring on minors or am I pointing to Christ? Am I pointing another way to yet another religion or am I pointing to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life?

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A Needed Pintervention

My weakness is the reason for taking out a Pintervention upon myself. My weakness is consumerism, coveting pretty things and hoarding, along with envy. Aside from being sin, this leads to discontent. And it’s horrible to live with. But I found that it is quite easy to replace my real life with a virtual one, and that includes collecting and drooling over things online – a virtual hoarding of sorts.

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Breaking Out Of The Bubble

I used to like Google, I really did. It wasn’t all that long ago when they respected users privacy and the search results were unbiased (not tailored) and impartial but now they seem to care more about competing with facebook and other social media than being the best search engine.

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Five Tips For Your Privacy with the Facebook Ticker

Are you confused or wary of the Facebook ticker? I will give you five tips to ensure your privacy on Facebook, ticker included.I don’t care for the ticker. It allowed me insights into people’s lives that I didn’t want nor need to know. It’s gossipy. I felt like I was eavesdropping on all my friends. This isn’t part of my online code of ethics. Quite simply, the ticker did not help me in my quest to guard my heart.

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The DIY Bible Study

Oh, it’s so exciting… I’ve built a new website and I want you to zip over and visit it. It’s called The DIY Bible Study. I am certainly no expert. But I believe that’s why many people will benefit from what I have to share. I’m a layman – no fancy words or fancy books. I don’t know Greek or Hebrew or any other language for that matter. I simply want to share some useful tips. So this new site is for parents who wish to teach their children straight from the Word or for new believers or for busy mums who don’t have hours each day to pursue Bible study or attend classes. I did not invent or create these techniques, I am simply collating them in a user-friendly way.

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Training Children to Use Facebook for God's Glory

Many homeschool families do not have an issue with facebook. Their teens don’t care much for it so there’s no problem. But not all homeschoolers are like this. Some homeschool families are very much into technology and social media. However if, like me, you are going to allow your teens to be involved on facebook, this video gives some very helpful and practical tips for parents.

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Help Me Choose An E-Reader

Kindle or Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook or Sony Reader or another type of ebook reader? There are so many to choose from! And even though I am doing my research, I’d like to hear from my friends and blog readers. I want your opinion! Tell me what you have or what you want and why.

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