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Sharing My Story

I’m going to start relating a few stories from my past. It’s been a long time since I wrote much about my children. That is a deliberate and intentional plan. I’m really thankful that my past was not captured on the Internet. When John and I met, we had to get to know each other the old fashioned way. We spent time together, asking questions and going through the full range of emotions that arose from those discussions.

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The View From The Shower Cubicle Floor

It all started when I managed to find myself on the cold, wet tiles of the shower cubicle floor. Thursday morning started like every other Thursday morning since we’ve been on holidays. A cup of hot tea, my comfy chair, laptop and my man sitting right next to me. Next minute I was butt naked and ready to greet the paramedics. After it all, I am incredibly thankful to be alive … that I live to take another breath. I am more in love with husband today than I was yesterday. I love all my children and my dad to bits. I’m here to blog for another day.

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The Wedding Day ~ part two

The house was in a flurry of excitement for the Big Day had arrived. Hair, makeup, food, dresses. Agh! But in the midst a beautiful young man and woman were joined before God in holy matrimony. I didn’t cry once. For the whole day. It was the most magical day and I was deliriously happy. Abigail has chosen wisely as Ian is a fine young man who is responsible and mature yet full of energy and life. He is a godly young man who has a heart to serve the Lord and both John and I are happy and proud to have him in our family. Nothing sad about that! I couldn’t stop smiling all day. Ok, I’ll be honest. I did cry just once. As they drove off from the reception I had a wave of happy-sadness. It only lasted a minute or so.

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The Wedding ~ part one

Trying to organise a wedding in only ten weeks is achievable. Just ask me.
The wedding date was set. Church was booked. Ceremony time set and ministers booked. Aside from dresses, what could be left to organise? Invitations were sent out, RSVP’s started to arrive, catering was being organised and the cake was being made by a friend. Abigail found her bridal dress, which is no easy feat when one is only 160cm tall. She even found her shoes to match! Some young women take weeks or months to find the right dress and accessories but not Abi. She knew what she did and didn’t want and wouldn’t be talked into anything else. Hair and nail appointments, fittings, etc were all made and being tended to. What else needed to be done?

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Wherefore art thou?

Susan O Susan! Wherefore art thou, Susan?
One day I’m blogging daily like a mad woman and the next I seem to have dropped off the planet. So much for my new found commitment to blogging regularly again.

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