:cat2: Yes, it is official. We are a cat family. Eowww, how did that happen? ?:-)

Late one night four weeks ago, Miss R brought home a stray kitten. She had found it in the middle of a busy road, looking scared, very thin and nearly dead. She was nowhere near home at the time so she took it to a friend’s house where they bathed and fed him. Then, she brought him home. Well, it took all of 2 seconds before he won my heart but he’s a baby animal so that’s no major feat. The major deal would be to win John’s heart (more on that later).

We couldn’t decide on a name and everyone kept calling him their own pet name but over the weeks one name has remained and been used by all.

Greystache or Grey for short. We believe that he is a Russian Blue.

grey1He is the most beautiful kitten/cat, who loves being adored. But he’s so cute; it’s easy to snuggle and pet him all day. Yesterday, we noticed that one of his teeth was hanging out so thanks to google I found out that kittens do indeed lose some teeth when they are about 4 months old. He’s been a little ‘blue’ (hehee) the last two days and we think it is because he is teething. He went a bit psycho at one point yesterday; running around, licking his paw like mad, generally being very scatty. As soon as he calmed down I picked him up and his tooth was gone! He must have lost it and gotten it caught in his paw and it was annoying him.

The other night while watching Facing the Giants, Grey was in the loungeroom with us. John had a little bit of the blanket overhanging the chair so Grey pulled on it, just long enough for him to lie on. Then, he turned around and cocooned himself in it- all the while slowly stealing the blanket from John! John caught our eye and motioned for us to look at what Grey had done; he thought it was cute. Ha! what was really cute was that Grey has won John’s heart. THAT is no easy task for an animal!

So if I write about ‘Grey’ you’ll know who I am referring to. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Goodness, if I am gushing blogging about my pet, what am I going to be like when I’m a grandmother? :inlove: