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Why You Should Not Read My Blog

I can think of several reason why you would not want to frequent my site. 1) My grammar and sentence structure is atrocious.I vacillate between ‘we’ and ‘I’ and at other times I get my tenses all confuddled. I (that would be Susan) write the posts on this site. All of it. However…

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Theresa from LittleDarlins tagged me. 1) What is your school name and why? HomeGrownKids. Having a...

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Things I Firmly Believe

Five Things that I Firmly Believe and are the most important to my life as a Christian. I believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God. It is the final authority for faith and practice. I believe in one God, who is Creator of all, who has revealed Himself in three distinct Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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Agree or Disagree? Something To Add?

Whether or not you agree with something I’ve written or disagree I’d like to hear it. Maybe you have a different perspective on an issue – feel free to share how you think or have acted in a situation. It will encourage and minister to me and the other readers of this blog.

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The Poem of Susan

Home Grown Kids she is to you, Call her Susan but never Sue. Healthy lifestyle is her passion, Goji Juice the latest fashion.
A treadmill is she said to own: but seldom do we hear the drone, for often is it said than done, Susan would rather be having fun… like working on her blog or sipping tea and eating chocolate log

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About Susan

It’s a long history – colourful and varied – so read along at your own risk. For this is the musing of a messay mama, who bumbles her way through marriage, motherhood and mess.

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