Musing with Simply Susan

I can think of several reason why you would not want to frequent my site.

1) My grammar and sentence structure is atrocious.I vacillate between ‘we’ and ‘I’ and at other times I get my tenses all confuddled.

I (Susan) write the posts on this site. All of it. However, when it comes to matters of family and whatnot it is ‘we’, as in John and I or John, I and the family. This blog originally started as a compilation of forum posts and then it grew to include my own personal thoughts and some of our family life which means that sometimes I write in the first person (singular) and other times I write as plural (we). Be assured that this site is a joint venture between John and myself and nothing is published here without his knowledge, consent or against his will. Whew! I’m glad that’s out of the way…

2) I can never quite decide what to write about. Do I write on homeschooling, Bible study, cooking, photography, coffee, softball, theology, social media or website design? I just can’t make up my mind!

3) I don’t post regularly. Apparently, to be a successful blogger one should aim to post daily (Gasp!) or at the very least, regularly (Say what?). Well, I guess I’ll have to hand in my pro blogger card, hang my head in shame and have another latte.

Okay, three points qualify as several, don’t they? If you want to know more, subscribe to the blog and be notified of every riveting post I write.