Theresa from LittleDarlins tagged me.

1) What is your school name and why?
HomeGrownKids. Having a school name isn’t overly popular here in Australia, although I think it is starting to catch on. A few years into our homeschooling journey (in about 2003) we had a homeschool resource supply service called, HomeGrownKids! It became our family. Even after I closed the business down, the name had stuck. I was known on the Internet as HGK. My children had become known as the HomeGrownKids.

2) How is your weather today?
Warm, sunny and beautiful. 🙂

3) What steals your joy?
Disorganisation. Unfortunately, I am quite disorganised by nature. 🙁 Also the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ which is never really that urgent.

4) Name five blessings you received this week.
1. My husband bought new parts to make a new server to host our new website (yet to be launched). He spent his Father’s Day money on it.
2. I had cause to see some beautiful fruit in the life of my 16yodd.
3. I got to spend a day at the park with some other like-minded friends.
4. My hubby bought me a new phone with a camera, so I can take pictures of family.
5. I get to see my children and spend quality time with them every day, instead of feeling pressure to work outside the home.

5) Favorite Scripture
What? Just one? Colossians 1:15-23

6) Who in the Bible do you think are most like?
No idea!

7) The passage of scripture you read last:
Matthew 22:36-40

8) Have you ever praised God for something weird?
I’m sure I have…can’t remember much at the moment.

9) If you were making a greeting card for God what would it say.
No idea- aside from THANKS! Sometimes words aren’t enough.

10) What is the best miracle God has performed in your life, or what is your favourite answered prayer?
That I get to share my life with someone special…and follow Him all the days of my life. My cry for salvation…that He saved a wretch like me.

11) What is the most fun thing you have done lately.
Day at the park…visiting friends…watching softball…working with John on a website…

12) How did you choose your screen name.
HomeGrownKids- see answer #1. However, over the last few years I have also been drawn more and more into the home and into Bible study. So, my new screen name and website is Kerugma. Kerugma means ?proclamation?. It comes from the Greek word kerux meaning ?a messenger? or ?a proclaimer?. In fact the official kerux or herald would stand in the market place and blow a trumpet, calling the attention of the crowd to the edict of the Emperor, and his proclamation was as a command? it had to be obeyed. The kerux was called upon only to proclaim. His role was not to speculate about the message, nor to explain or justify it, but simply to proclaim the message, the essence of the Gospel. The onus was on the hearer to hear and obey. So, as a kerux, my aim is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

Now I get to play tag! I tag Lisa, Chrissy, ‘Miss A’ and Jacqui.