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My Weird Book Reading Quirk

I love being a part of that world, I love the characters, the setting, the story. And I don’t want it to end. Once I’ve read the last page, it is over. I can never again go back and be in that world in the same way and so I don’t want to leave.

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My Book Reading Term One

I used to devour books. But I spend more time reading articles and blogs now. I want to get back to reading more real books so with that end in mind I have decided to record the books I read each term.

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My Kindle Touch

I already have 35 ebooks loaded… and adding new ones each day. I can’t believe how many great ebooks that Amazon gives away for free! I haven’t even begin to fully explore my Kindle but that’s all part of it, isn’t it?

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Life Is Not Defined By What You Have

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements – on the Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, in the daily mailbox, etc. Advertising is designed to turn our thinking to the exact opposite of Luke 12:15. Advertising tells us that we want, need more: bigger, better, stronger.

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