I’d like to tease you and hint at the gift I received but I’m just way too excited.

I got a Kindle Touch!

I’m a little bit spoilt. I already have 35 ebooks loaded… and adding new ones each day. I can’t believe how many great ebooks that Amazon gives away for free! I haven’t even begin to fully explore my Kindle but that’s all part of it, isn’t it?

I had been reading free ebooks on the Kindle app for my Android phone but it was really small and I didn’t like reading it. I could also download the Kindle app for my computer but that means sitting at the computer even more than what I already do. The Kindle was the obvious choice.

As we near the end of our homeschooling journey, John and I are looking toward our future as husband and wife. We are looking to downsize, simplify and streamline so the Kindle is all part of that.

I will share a few very good ebook freebies on the facebook page, so if you want to receive them, just check the facebook or better yet ‘like’ the page and you’ll see the posts in your news feed.

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