Meet SimplySusan

Susan is a forty-six year old, married woman and mother to six children. Susan trained as an Enrolled Nurse in her younger years and married John when she was eighteen. Susan chose to stay at home to raise and educate the children.Throughout this time, she has had and created opportunities to further her knowledge and skills in areas of need and interest. She has managed and worked in a service station, been involved in Church ministry, presided over a softball club, coached and played for many years, started various support groups for home educators, founded one of the largest home educating websites in the country, built and managed several websites, studied marketing with social media, studied Aged Care and currently works part time as a Personal Care Assistant. She has been a Christian for over twenty-six years and her passion is to encourage others to see and experience the great grace of God. Susan has been encouraging women in their role as wife, mother and homeschool teacher for fourteen years.

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Now, Really Meet Susan

That was the official bio, but really it makes me sound much more accomplished than I am. Let me share with you who I really am.

Who is Susan?

I am a 46 year young mother who delights in being a wife and mother to my blended family of six children. I have been married to my beloved for over 26 years and together we raise/raised 6 children. I am a slave of God yet also His child. My greatest joy is in proclaiming the gospel to my children and teaching them the ways of the Lord. I am also compelled by the love of God, to encourage others to see the great and marvellous grace of God.

What Do I Do?

  • I manage the home and family logistics. Some years I do this better than others.
  • I homeschooled my children. Yes, my hair is going grey.
  • I build and manage websites. I don’t like social media but use it.
  • I am a ‘people person’ who needs lots of time alone.
  • I work part time as a Personal Care Assistant in Aged Care.
  • I drink coffee and eat chocolate. A lot. Too much.
  • I collect healthy cookbooks. I don’t necessarily cook the recipes but I love the cookbooks.
  • I cook occasionally.

What Do I Like?

I love being with my family – the older ones right down to the toddler and my grandchildren. I enjoy nothing more than a good coffee with a Salted Caramel Macaron. I enjoy Bible study, learning about health & nutrition, savouring fine chocolate and watching good movies or Sci-Fi series. I enjoy learning about website design and creating websites primarily, but not limited to, WordPress. I like much more than that but these are all I have time for in my regular, day-to-day life.

Why I Write

I have faced challenges and I have struggled in trying to be wife, daughter, mother, friend, housekeeper and all the other varied roles that my life as a woman and a Christian bring. I desire peace and perspective amongst the chaos of life in this world. I’ve tried a few things but have learned that there is only one place to find true peace – in the arms of God. There’s only one place to find truth and fulfillment – in God. I write because I can’t help but share through all the seasons of life. I want to point others to the peace, the grace, the love found only in God.


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