Who likes those Mac/PC ads? Oh, when they air and we’re all watching tv the children and John all turn the volume up so we can have a giggle. um, er belly laugh. Even though we don’t own a Mac, the reason we don’t own a Mac is a financial one.

Anyway, GodTube.com has put together a series of parodies, based on these characters and they’re quite good. Oh some may find them offensive but those who are either ‘in the trenches’ or have worked in ministry, or those who have simply been a believer long enough to see the changing tides of the appearance of Christianity might see the irony in the subtle humour. These kind of things are meant to be exaggerated. There is more to being a Christian than looking like one. It is less about how we dress and how big our Christian library is and more about how we live…how we love and serve other’s who are not able to return that kindness or those who do not know His grace. Around our country we can see many people who identify themselves as ‘Christian’ yet they live to please themselves. Have you ever asked yourself what would you do if you were on the way to church and there was a car broken down on the side of the road? Would you stop and risk being late to church or not making it there at all? Or would you just pray for them asking that God would send someone along who could help them?

Jesus was not a Christian. He never asked anyone to become a Christian, never built a steepled building, never drew up a theological treatise, never took an offering, never wore religious garments, never incorporated for tax purposes. He simply called people to follow him.
Jesus with Dirty Feet

So, this begs the question, what is a Christian? Is it someone who goes to church? Puts a bumper sticker on their car? Decorates their home with pretty pictures with scriptures on it? Someone who dresses well for church and rarely misses a prayer meeting? Or is it someone who doesn’t swear, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t dress fashionably? So then, what does a Christian homeschooler look like? Do they wear brown dresses and braid their hair? Do they wear makeup? Do they bake their own bread? Do they use an approved Bible curriculum? I believe we all have our own ideas of what Christian should look like, or what is acceptable. We have put labels on Christianity! We have put Christianity into a box and labeled it. We love to have the Holy Spirit in our church meetings so we can feel His presence but do we allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in the lives of that young, unmarried mother who still runs outside after church to have a cigarette? There are so many ways in which we try to be the Holy Spirit in other’s lives. We need to stop! I need to stop! I need to rest in the fact that the Holy Spirit will do the work of convicting others…surely I have enough to tend to by acting justly, loving mercy, walking humbling with my God?

Am I a Christian or a follower of Christ? Do I preach Christianity or the good news of Jesus Christ: that He, being the Messiah, died, rose again to conquer death and that all we need do is to believe in Him, repent of our sin and receive forgiveness.