I received a phone call from my son on Friday night. His mother had been killed in a motorbike accident. She was only 48.  ‘S’ has been a part of my life (for better and for worse) since I was 18. She is the birth mother of my son (step-son). She was, for 10years, a very good friend of mine and through her (by positive and negative experiences experiences) I learned a lot. We drifted apart once we started moving around the nation. It happens. Life takes people in different directions. I did manage to catch up with S a few months ago though.

We spent several hours with D…and many more to come, no doubt. This boy (who is now 26, but will always be ‘one of my boys‘ hasn’t had the easiest of lives and I’d like to ask you to pray for him – that not only will God give him peace but that He will draw D to Himself like never before… that He will indeed turn something for good out of this tragedy.

Some of my readers will know of S and my relationship with her. Some may be confused by this post and for that, I apologise. Many readers will not be aware that I became an instant mum when I was married at age 18. My husband had a son. He was 5 when we met and he turned 6 just before we got married. I totally dislike the term step-son and step-mother but that’s what we were. Ever since I determined to be John’s wife I accepted that D  would be my son. He calls me Mum and I call him my son. However, I need to distinguish this sometimes as it can become confusing for others.  You have no idea how many looks we have had over the years- especially when people do the math and realise that I was 14 when D was born.

If I’m not around much over the next week -10 days, you’ll know where I am. I’m grieving for my friend and supporting my loved ones in their time of loss and sorrow.