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AhmoCoco – Almond & Coconut Milk

After my successful attempt at making a latte from homemade almond milk I knew that I wanted to try and thicken it with natural ingredients. I considered using oat milk and that would certainly raise the protein amount per cup but it would also add a few more carbs – not what I want. And so my AhmoCoco was born!

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Trim Healthy Mama as a Framework for Life (not a diet)

THM can be a framework, an educational tool. A template. Not a dietary restriction that one must abide by or ‘else’. Like most women, my life is busy, full, rich, too much of everything to be bound by more rules. Yet, without some sort of framework my health would deteriorate into something that leaves me with no functioning life. I need some sort of template in order to function and work towards health.

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