A few weeks ago, someone on the THM in Australia group asked about Deep S meals . Here is a brief rundown of what Deep S is and what it is good for.

Deep S = high fat, but with fat from only pure sources with negligible carbs (meat, oils, eggs, etc.)

Deep S meals contain pure fat with zero carbs. extra virgin olive oils and the natural fats found in meat and eggs, butter, ghee but the queen of them all is coconut oil and MCT oil.

When doing a pure Deep S meal, we do not include some of those S friendly foods that we would otherwise in a straight S meal. Foods such as berries, dairy, tomatoes, onions, nuts, seeds, avocado are not included in Deep S meals. They are great S foods but not Deep S as they contain some carbs.

Deep S meals focus on leafy greens and low carb, non starchy veggies, liberally dressed with superfood oils.

Example: Chicken or Beef on a huge plate of green, dressed with olive oil, a little MCT oil and a tad of vinegar. or a few fried eggs in coconut oil, with a side of leafy greens or okra. See Deep S Salad in a Jar (“Quick Single Salads” chapter in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook)

THM does allow 1 TB of Parmesan cheese or a light sheep’s cheese such as Pecorino to the salad but don’t go overboard.

Deep-S meals are extremely slimming and can be used after a cheat meal to help rid the damage of excess sugars and starches. A couple of Deep-S meals in a row are the best way to do a THM reset.

Make sure to read Chapter 11, “Higher Learning” (page 90), for an explanation of a Deep- S meal, which is a little different from a regular S.

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