Health is an ongoing interest of mine. There are so many areas that affect our health from the air that we breathe, the water we wash in and the food that we eat. I have immersed myself in learning more about food and other choices- they really do make a difference!

It is important for me to keep our family as healthy as possible so that we can do the work that God has planned for us to do. It is my aim to provide a diet and lifestyle that fights disease, promotes health and vitality. At present, I’m focussing on a diet primarily of proteins, whole-grains, fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.

I really like the principles outlined by Rex Russell, author of “What the Bible Says about Healthy Living

1) Eat only substances created for food

2) Eat foods as they were created (or as close to as possible)

3) Don’t let any food or drink become your God.

As I have been learning and practising¬† ‘health’, the children have been motivated toward caring for their own bodies too! My girls have been very enthusiastic about learning to cook with new and different ingredients. This is all a part of their home-based-learning adventure, as they are learning many life skills in the process.

I generally cook a hot breakfast for my husband and sometimes the children join him. The other children usually have cereal or fruit. By cereal I mean, Puffed Millet or Rice, Bran Flakes, Porridge, Eggs, Toast, Pancakes or a Smoothie.

Sometimes, we have our main meal at lunch-time and have a smaller meal at tea-time. Usually, I just prepare a large salad and everyone can take from that along with a slice of bread.

I have been making small but gradual changes to our evening meal:  more salads and grains and a little less meat. We eat kangaroo meat as I think it would have less chemicals, hormones and other substances and we use a chemical-free chicken from La-ionica.

My children have very hungry bellies and like to snack a little throughout the day. Some of our snacks include; fruit, dried fruit snacks (prepared in the dehydrator that John made for me!) or bread snacks. I try to include lots of protein as well.

Spiritual Health

However, there is much more to healthy living than diet! Firstly, and most importantly is Spiritual Health. My spiritual state greatly influences my physical and emotional state. The Bible, Devotional books, and other good writings, along with fellowship with others helps to keep me spiritually fit. But none of these things can keep me in a spiritually fit state: it is only having a relationship with Jesus Christ that can do that. He is the only one that can give me peace.

Emotional health

… is also important. One of the definitions in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines ’emotion’ as:

” Literally, a moving of the mind or soul; hence,any agitation of mind or excitement of sensibility.”

When I am angry or sad or happy and joyful my body is affected in that I am not overflowing with vitality or energy. In fact, I feel drained. And so, it is to God’s word that I run to, seeking comfort and strength.

Physical health!

There’s so much confusion around today. Don’t eat fats- do eat fats. Don’t eat this or that…this list goes on forever and honestly, it is exhausting and draining! It can all be so hard and we want the children to try and be involved too! Whew! I try to keep things as simple as possible by remembering to try to eat foods in their natural state as much as is possible.

We have also invested in a relatively cheap and small water purifier. Chlorine and flouride have been added to the water but I also wonder about the possibility of lead leaching from the pipes. There are other nasties in tap water but the levels of these may vary depending on where you live. The problem with these nasties is that they are carcinogenic.

We try to avoid preservatives, food colourings and other additives as much as possible. Much of the fruit and vegetables we buy has been sprayed with pesticides and fertiliser. These were not designed for our systems! I wash all of our fruit ‘n’ veg in the sink with cold water and vinegar.

We try to clean our home with basics, such as bicarb of soda and vinegar or other products that can be found at your supermarket- brands similar to Earthcare.

Edited: It is now 2017 and I looked over this old post and was amazed at how well we ate and yet I marvel at how much better we eat even now. Feel free to look over the posts in my kitchen/health and recipes category.