Here are the thoughts of my 12yods. He hasn’t done any formal writing so bear that in mind when reading his thoughts about the series, Terrestria Chronicles by Ed Dunlop.

Book: Terrestria Chronicles series

by Ed Dunlop

Name: John
Date: 2007

This book is an allegory, written by Ed Dunlop. It was written in 2006. It is set in medieval or castle-times. Mr. Dunlop writes the book from one person’s perspective: an omniscient perspective.

The basic plot about this story is good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, like many books. The main characters in this book are Josiah and Selwyn. Josiah is a slave boy to Argamor, an evil blacksmith. After making an attempt to escape with the help of a stolen file, he is caught and tied to a tree, where a flogging would take place. After being tied to the tree, the King arrives and frees Josiah of his Chain of Iniquity and his Weight of Guilt. The King then adopts Josiah into the Royal family, and Josiah is taken to the Castle of Faith.

The spiritual value of this book is pretty good, being an allegory. I think that other boys, and girls would enjoy this book. I would like my Mum to read it aloud to us, but we are still reading the Kingdom Series.

More information can be found at the Dunlop Ministries website.