Jotham’s Journey, Tabitha’s Travels, and Bartholomew’s Passage are written for ages 9years and upwards. It all begins with Jotham and it continues in Bartholemew’s Passage culminating in a wondrous story called Tabitha’s Travels. This series of books has mystery, suspense, humour, victory and more. Not just a fictional story, it also contains a short, devotional reading for each day in the build up to Christmas.

jothams journey

Over the years we have thoroughly enjoyed the whole series of books by Arnold Ytreeide. If you haven’t heard of these book syet, please look into them and make reading one per year a new family tradition.

The stories are to be read each day in the lead up to Christmas. They tell stories that are filled with adventure and are rich in history. They have been woven together and include psalms, stories from the Old Testament and culture to paint a vivid and thought provoking series. The series is full of great explanations about how Jesus is the promised Messiah, and what that means for us today. Almost every chapter ends in a cliff hanger and the kids were just dying to read more. They were very excited when they made connections from Jotham’s story and Bible stories they are familiar with.

Our family didn’t have an issue with the somewhat graphic violence in the stories but I know of some families who have not been able to continue with the books because of it.

Arnold Ytreeide is married with two grown and married children. He has worked as a youth pastor, policeman and televaision producer. He has a degree in theology and he actually wrote Jotham’s Journey for his own children when they were young.

Ytreeide trilogy


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