I’ve just read a biography called “I dared to call Him Father” by Bilquis Sheikh. It is the wonderful true story of a prominent Muslim woman who was called to Christ and of her subsequent trials, ups and downs. I remember reading this book many years ago as a fairly young Christian (also a young woman then too) but it touched me more deeply this time round. I believe there is a new updated version of the book but I still have my old tattered copy. Throughout the book, the author has a true, deep sense of being In His Presence. She cares more about doing right by Him than doing right in the world’s eyes. She doesn’t look at what a Christian considers the right thing, right words or what labels they wear. Rather she looks at the simple truth of loving one’s neighbour…being guided by His presence…sharing His love with others.


This is what I aim to impart to my children. Not whether or not they know church doctrine or man’s theology rather that they worship the Lord by loving their neighbour…being guided always by the Holy Spirit…be doing all possible to be obedient to Him and having a desire to share our knowledge of God with others.