Whew, what a weekend! It all started on Friday when we had to go across town to take ‘Miss A’ to a softball tournament. That in itself is not hard. Crossing the Gateway Bridge is not my favourite thing to do. Not necessarily because the bridge is high (it looks worse than it is) but once you go through the toll, it is like a drag race as about 10 lanes merge into 3 or 4 lanes! The whole drive is about 50 minutes. On Friday, I did this twice.

Saturday and Sunday was also spent with me trooping out to softball, which I probably make sound like a chore but the truth is that I love it! A day in the sun, watching my daughter, play my favourite sport, cappacino, chocolate and a new book! What’s wrong with that?

‘Miss A’ was hit with a pitched ball on Sunday. So off we went to the nearest hospital for an x-ray. Four hours later, we returned to the softball grounds, said goodbye and drove home, with ‘Miss A’ hobbling along on crutches. Apparently she only has soft tissue damage with extensive bruising, but time will tell more. We’re hoping it is only that as she hopes to be back on the diamond on Sunday. ‘Miss A’ wasn’t able to go to work on Monday or Tuesday which suited me just fine! I loved having her home with me again…I’ll have her for a whole week.
Saturday night was a bit disappointing. Being avid Crows Fans (AFL), John taped the match of the final and we sat together and watched the poor Crows claw their way to a devastating loss. There was much mourning in this home, for the next few days.

‘Miss R’ secured herself a part time job, at the same place as ‘Miss A’ ! Im very thankful to the boss at this patiserrie, for giving the girls such opportunities. ‘Miss R’ did an extra shift on Monday, to help cover for ‘Miss A’ ‘s absence.

Tonight we’re off to the school Music Night where ‘Miss R’ is going to be singing, in front of a live audience for the first time ever. To say she is nervous is an understatement. She has sung in the school choir before, but this is just her and one other girl.

Life is busy and full at the moment, and I haven’t had much time for writing or reading which doesn’t necessarily make for the most interesting blog, considering the caution I use when choosing to share a little of our life. 😉

Bless you,