Family. Oh I praise the Lord for family.

'Miss A' 's latte art

My father has been with us for two weeks. After not seeing him for nearly 2 years, I am enjoying his company immensely. I’ve learned so much about myself, my family and my dad over the last few weeks.

What else has kept me from blogging? I presented a workshop on Discipleship based / Identity Directed Education at the South Australian Exploring Approaches to education Seminar which celebrated National Home Education week. I’ve been meaning to upload the workshop notes to the blog and I will…just haven’t gotten much time here of late.

‘Miss A’ has a new job, at a Cafe. She has an intense passion for coffee- real, true coffee. Yes, most of us just drink it but she lives it, breathes it, reads it and writes it! Not only does she make good coffee but she now wants to do her own roasting of green beans. What next?

‘Master C’ has been getting into photography again. I’ve found that all of our children have enjoyed playing with a camera, but some of ‘Master C’ ‘s photo’s are simply outstanding. He’s going to team with ‘Miss A’ soon and take photo’s of her latte art.

'Master C' 's picture of a leaf in our yard.

I have only just this weekend gotten around to arranging most of the books into their proper book cases. There are still a few boxes to go but I’m getting there.

That’s about it for now…I’ll upload the notes later.