Well, I’m in and out. Had the knee surgery and am on the mend. The surgeon found that the problem wasn’t as much with my meniscus cartilage as much as it was Joint Surface Damage. There was a bone flap that was sticking out and causing the pain and trouble. So he cut it off, filed it down and it should settle very quickly. He shaved off a little of the remaining meniscus cartilage but I still have a little of that left on the inner side of the knee. However weighted squats and lunges are off the weight training agenda for me, which is downer but at least I will be largely pain free and ready for softball next season!

Okay, so it’s not really called a bone flap but that’s what it looked like when the Dr. drew a diagram. It’s actually called Joint Surface Damage and it could happen playing sport with twisting or lifting too heavy a weight- which is what I think it was with me. Properly named chondromalacia or chondral fracture can occur the same ways that ligament tears happen. It can degenerate over time with incorrect mechanics of an activity or it can be damaged instantly.

I went in at 7am last Friday morning and was home by 3pm! I had a great sleep that night, even slept on my tummy and it didn’t hurt the knee. Over the following 2 days I felt pretty good so I pushed it a bit much. I had to go back to resting more and it seems to be slowly getting stronger. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon next week and I hope to find out when I can go back to exercising.

John has had all this week off work and it’s been great- although we haven’t gotten much done. We’ve had all week off lessons so will resume next week when life returns to normal. (Huh? What is normal?)

Thanks to all those who have prayed for me and a speedy recovery. Much appreciated. :pray: