Our Devotional Journal that we used with the girls. I designed this as a simple way that the girls could do their own Bible reading and were prompted to follow the steps in our Kerugma Bible study approach, using the 4 step process with the anagram of IDEA. (Introduce, Digging Deeper, Examine & elaborate, Application to my life)

I show the children how I use this approach in my own day and how it need not take hours each time. It can take 15 min or one and half hours. We need not study one new passage each day…a passage may spread over two days or more! The focus needs to be on process, not outcome. We need to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and not be directed by the clock, or the day.

Here is what the various fields mean:

Date: Helpful to record the date
Passage: Record the passage being studied
Key Verse: to be filled in at the end of the study
Pray: asking God to reveal His truths

Read the passage– out loud or silently
Re­read the passage, possibly in another translation

Digging Deeper
Dictionary words: Use the vocabulary sheets for words not known
Other resources used: Record other books used for reference. eg: Journey Through the Bible, etc.
5W’s and H: Understand as many of these that apply.

Expand and Elaborate
Paraphrase ..write the passage out in your own words or narrate the passage orally

How does this apply to my life?
Is there a promise to believe?
A truth to be believed?
A duty/an action to perform?
Is there a command to obey?
A prayer to echo?
Is there a positive example in this passage that I can follow?
Is there an action in this passage that I need to avoid?
Is there an attitude in this passage that I need to have?
Is there something I need to be thankful for?
Pray: asking God for help to apply truths learned … To give thanks.

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