We’re off! I’ll be packing my bags and heading to Melbourne after all!  :party:


Regular readers may remember where my 18yodd (the athlete) dislocated her thumb. You can read about it here. She has had it in a splint for the last 3 weeks and today we went back to the physio. We have been anxiously waiting to see if the joint is strong enough for Miss A to play in the U/10 Women’s Nationals. We prayed for her, believing for healing.

The physio said that the hand has healed as well as it possibly could, considering the damage! She said it had healed remarkably well…*and* she has permission to play in the tournament!

The daily splint she wears was cut down to allow for greater movement and flexibility which will help with strengthening. She is also to start strengthening exercises for the joint and surrounding ligaments. The physio also made another splint that she is to wear just when playing/training. This physio is pretty good- she specialises in hand physiotherapy and is accustomed to working with athletes. Miss A can go to training tonight and actually pitch and catch!

She has kept up her training routine as much as possible. She has had to change it a little by using pin loaded machines at the gym as these allow her to still do a complete workout but not risk further injury. She also runs, walks, does pylometric training, stretching as well as her softball training. Pitching training goes on top of all that as well.

Anyway, she gets to play – for His glory. And we get to go on holiday and watch ( :yes: ) and be with all the other softball families.

Thank you Father God… may you have all the glory!