I don’t record anything on days that begin with S- so that’s Saturday and Sunday. (as well as Special Days and Sick days)

The No S diet.

No Snacks
No Sweets
No Second Servings
…except on days that start with S.

I did a silly thing last week on the 21st April. I started exercising. No, that isn’t silly but my old train of thought of No Pain- No Gain skipped in again and I totally overdid it. I put myself out of action for about 4 days.

2min on bike to get blood going through leg
5min on treadmill
Circuit: I did two sets of 20 generally
40x Fast, low-step running right leg (using step)
40x Fast, low-step running right leg (using step)
20x Push ups on knees
40x Free standing body weight squat
40x Standing shoulder press with light dumbells (1.2kgeach)
20x Static lunge each leg
40x Standing bicep curl with light barbell
20x Crunches
10x Crunches with left twist
10x Crunches with right twist
Flexibility: Stretching routine

22nd April was better

5min on bike to get blood going through leg
5min on treadmill
420 x lat pull downs
20x Chest Press with dumbbells
20x light squats (no weights more for stretching due to soreness)
20x towel pulls
10min on treadmill @ 5kph
Back-friendly crunches 3 styles @ 20 each
Stretching routine
I think I overdid it a little yesterday (Tue) with the squats. My lower thigh muscle was sore all day, and still this morning. Have to remember that I am not 20 anymore, more like 40.  It’s also good for Miss A to work with me as she has heaps of personal experience with athletes but not with unfit, 40 yo ex-athletes!  I’m so thankful for my husband that made the verandah area so we can put all the gym equipment and I’m also very thankful for Miss A, who encourages and supports me along the way.