th_powerMy Mini Goal is to lose 4.5kg. I just get overwhelmed if I don’t set mini goals so that’s my starting point. However, the real goal is to get fit and be strong…to have strong muscles and bones and be able to keep up with my children and be a good role model.

The key for me is not food…it is exercise. There is a lot of food that my body cannot tolerate so my food choices are fairly limited. I tend to eat the things I can freely eat- I can’t help it if it is cheese, milk and chocolate! Yes, I’m laughing but I’m also serious. I can’t deny myself any more food as I don’t eat that much (people who know me IRL will know what I mean) but I need to move. I can feel my joints stiffening up – ankle pain, knee pain, back pain, hip pain, etc. I know a lot of it is from overuse as an ex softball player (softball pitchers use knees and hips a lot) but if those joints and muscles were more mobile, I wouldn’t be in half as much trouble. I suffer from very low B12 levels and am severely iron deficient so good, healthy, real food is important to me. I need to eat more real food. I don’t eat enough of the good stuff. However calorie restriction is not my issue so I won’t focus on it.

After recently suffering a bout of thrombophlebitis, I really need to get moving and get strong again. I want to be be a fit and 40year old mama! I had always been fit, even when I was overweight. I’ve been fit through pregnancies, miscarriages, ankle surgery and casts, etc. But 5 years ago I did my knee in and had a total knee reconstruction and I’ve never gotten on top of things since then. It has taken me 5 years to get to this ridiculously low point but I am tired of being unfit. For goodness sake, I am a level 2 softball coach, an ex player- someone who liked to be fit and strong…where has that part of me gone? A homeschool mum needs all the energy she can get- I can’t afford to be unfit.

About 18 months ago I was ready and raring to go – to do something about it. Then, we moved. It took me awhile to get back into the swing of things. Then one year ago I was ready and raring to go again. Nothing happened…for me. Some fellow homeschool friends lost weight but I just kept making excuses for myself. Well, I’m ready to try again. Slow but steady steps…

With exercise I usually fall into the trap of *if a little is good, then a lot must be better* but the problem is I can’t stick to it. Miss A is studying her Cert 3 in Fitness and she is helping me- rather supervising/regulating me so I don’t crash and burn.

Thing is, I want a guarantee! I want to know that if I apply myself to this that I will reap the rewards (feeling better) but with my body type and the [health] condition that I live with I have doubts. Of course my dear husband and daughter say pish posh to that and that I’m trying to excuse myself. 😉

Maybe it’s part of different season’s in one’s life but I’m feeling like a bear who has just woken up from hibernation- it’s time to groggily start moving and greet the world again! 😉

I have used every excuse known to man. I used to say I couldn’t exercise regularly as the children were little and I couldn’t afford to be away from them too much (let’s just totally leave out how they’d entertain themselves if I was on the computer) but aside from that, my children are now older and I can have lots of time to myself if I need it.

I have to want it enough. I have the equipment to exercise rain, hail or shine. It is my self discipline- the mental determination to just do it and stick with it. I do feel that if I can stick with it for awhile I WILL feel some results and I know that will spur me on- it’s the initial kick-start I need.

What is my plan of attack?
A combination of fitness routines. I simply can’t follow just one. Most plans/books/methods I’ve researched have valid points and are very good but for various reasons they just don’t fit my lifestyle. But I have enough knowledge on the topic to make it work for me- with tweaking and tailoring to suit. I like Body for Life by Bill Phillips, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto, Crunch Time by Michelle Bridges but being a softball coach I also have knowledge in the area so will apply that.

I’m in such a bad way that I’m aiming for 20min 4 times a week to start with. Yes, it’s pathetic but it’s where I need to start. Why am I writing here on my blog for all to see? Why not? I know I’m not the only homeschool mum who struggles in this area…so if I can encourage others in any small way then it’s worth blogging about. So, I’ll post in the Health & Fitness category of my blog.