Well, I’ve been going quite good lately! I’ve been able to up my weights at the gym, add a 5 min cardio blast to the end of the workout and even got to running for 1min, walk for 2 and repeat for 20min. Finally, I have been feeling good!

But I have fallen over the last 2 days. Cry Had some things going on here at home and I have just forgotten to eat! Some might find that hard to imagine but if I drink enough water/tea/coffee I just don’t feel hungry.  I ate a good breakfast yesterday and then did weights…and then I’ve eaten very little since then until tonight when I had an omelet on toast with feta cheese. Hmmm, not good Susan! Not what my MassAttack plan says at all!

After tea, I headed outside to get on the treadmill and do my cardio. I haven’t felt energetic all day so I’ve put it off…better get on to it now, I thought. Alas! I could only manage a few minutes before feeling very faint, like I was going to collapse.

So I’ve learned one very valuable lesson. Yes, I’m getting fitter but it’s not just due to the working out – a lot of it has to do with the nutritional food I’m eating. Take that out of the equation and I’m still not doing real good.

Again, I’m reminded of what Bill Phillips says,

“When you eat the right foods, in the right amounts, in the right combos, at the right times, you simply cannot go wrong!”


So tomorrow it’s back to eating properly, which starts with actually eating! Doh!