A few days ago Jacqui mentioned that she’d love to see my daily food intake…so I did two days worth of food recording and then went to the show yesterday so didn’t get around to posting. Here’s what I’ve eaten on Wednesday & Thursday. Bear in mind that I am still not following my MassAttack plan perfectly but I am still feeling results- like a clearer head, less vague and much more energy. I also haven’t been able to start on the supplements yet so it’s amazing what some ‘good’ foods can do.


Meal 1:
30g of Carman’s: Muesli: Muesli, Original Fruit-Free(to which I add a few goji berries)
100 g of yoghurt: Low Fat, Natural

Meal 2:
Milk Coffee (had planned a protein shake but couldn’t find the blender: Magic Bullet: so got frustrated and resorted to Milk Coffee)

Meal 3: Lunch –
Green leafy salad with Feta Cheese
1 slice wholemeal bread with curried eggs. (1 whole egg + 1.5 egg whites)

Meal 4: (3pm)
Protein Smoothie which contains:
45g Aussiebodies Perfect protein Supplement
3/4 cup reduced fat milk
50g Mixed Berries (frozen)
50g bio organic yogurt

Meal 5:
Chickpea salad with feta which consists of:
Green salad, 45g chickpeas, 45g feta cheese, 45g shaved ham, 1 slice tasty cheese.

Meal 6:
Milk Coffee

I exercised approximately 250 calories. I only had 4 glasses of water.

I used approximately 1311 out of the net daily budget of 1400 calories and had 89 calories remaining. 39% of the calories are from fat, 33% from protein, 28% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.
I use CalorieKing to record my food and exercise occasionally, just to help me keep on track.



Meal 1:
22g Carman’s Muesli (with a few Goji berries) with 100g bio dynamic yogurt

Meal 2:
1 skinny cappuccino
1/4 choc chip cookie

Meal 3:
Chicken, bacon & cheese on toast but I didn’t eat the toast because I also had:
1 full-cream cappuccino

Meal 4:
30g or so of raw cashews

Meal 5:
Corn Mountain Bread wrap with a tin of Tuna in springwater, lots of lettuce, some feta cheese and a teaspoon of full fat mayonnaise.

Meal 6:
Reduced fat Milk Coffee

You have used 1424 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -24 calories remaining. 44% of the calories are from fat, 26% from protein, 29% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

Calories burned in exercise: approximately 250. I drank approximately 1.5 litres of water.


Many of my calories are still coming from fat because of all the milk and cheese, but the good news is that instead of ingesting 400 grams of Parmesan Cheese last week I only allowed myself a 200gram block. See? Progress! I know I have to eat more fruit and veggies and I am trying…slowly.

The best testimony I can give this week is to share what happened earlier in my week. The weekends are my worst for food intake. I tend to either not eat much but when I do it is all the wrong foods. However this week I carried that through to Monday as well. I went to the gym on Monday and I had nothing! No strength, very little energy. I was still weakened on Tuesday although I tried to eat a lot more on Tuesday which gave me more strength and energy for my Wednesday workout! what have I learned the hard way? I have to eat properly!

Anyway, Thursday and Friday I had lots more energy! We went to the show on Friday (which is always tiring) and I made it through the whole day!