Jigsaw_Puzzle As I wrote yesterday, I don’t eat much food…much real food. The quality of the food I eat also isn’t the best as I’m not able to swallow and take many foods that I used to like. I loved oranges but I can’t eat them very well now. I like lettuces but can’t take many of them. They get stuck in my upper stomach area and cause me to be in violent pain, which often results in a vomiting episode. So strangely enough I can eat chocolate, Tim tams and all manner of yummies that aren’t nutritional yet I can’t take a lot of god foods. John often makes the most delicious stir fry meals but it usually ends up with me in the bathroom. I’m real fussy when it comes to meat and bread. Sushi. It’s such a good, healthy meal and it’s nice…but not when it ends up in the toilet, which is what happens when I try to indulge in one sushi. So, over the years I’ve found it very easy to just live on tea, coffee and foods which don’t cause me pain or give me other violent reactions. But nutritionally my body is starving, which is quite likely why my body starts to crave certain foods. But often with cravings our body craves that which can be its worst enemy. This is so in my situation.

Anyway, I did say I’d write about my week with MassAttack, instead of blathering on about what I can and can’t eat. I’ll try and cut a long story short so here goes:

Even a slight undetected hormonal imbalance can cause weight gain of approximately 5kg per year.

I was so tired of feeling sick and tired. I read a testimonial in a women’s magazine about a woman who had depression after the birth of her baby…how she couldn’t lose weight, had no energy, etc. Then she started MassAttack and she felt like she was ‘cured’. So, of course, as to my nature I researched it until the wee hours of the night…and the next day…and then next and the next. Hey, it is a lot of money to fork out for something that may or may now work, right? I try to be very careful with my husband’s money, which is partly why I’ve put off something like this- preferring the option of trying to learn it all by myself. I spoke to a naturopath, who told me that she has no idea of why I can’t help my own body get better as I seem to be on the right track and have lots of knowledge (despite the fact that I know knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean application). Anyway, when I search for reviews I never search for positive ones. That’s rather quite silly I think. Any company itself will always promote positive reviews so why start there. I want to make as an informed decision as possible. Therefore I want to hear as many perspectives as I can so I search out negative reviews. Incredibly I couldn’t find any. I found one lady who said she was disappointed with the whole program as she wanted a complete meal plan (meal by meal planning) but that didn’t bother me as I wouldn’t use it anyway. That to me, wasn’t a real negative review.

If I went to see a naturopath IRL I would be seeing one person…with many consultations which take time and cost money. My one time payment covers me with MassAttack for 12 months of free naturopathic support via the Internet, which is my preferred option.

So I went in and signed up!

I liked that it wasn’t just one naturopath…rather a team of specialised health professionals. Apparently my information was to be reviewed by the main naturopath, Narelle, who would go on to speak with her naturopathic team.

Then came an extensive questionnaire for me to fill out. I hit the send button and then waited. It can take between 7-14 days for your plan to arrive but my plan only took 7 days. During this time I tried to clean out the pantry, which is never a bad thing to do anyway. I moved sugars and white flour products to the very top of the pantry where I need a chair to stand on. I put all the healthy foods in the shelves with easiest access. I put nuts, seeds and other nibblies into containers for easy access.

Narelle emailed me to say that my program was ready for download so I headed over to MA, logged in and began downloading and printing! My Hormonal Profile, Food Charts, Nutrient Protocol along with many other pdf documents were all part of the program.

The Food Charts are assembled like stop lights. Green is my go-to list…65% of foods eaten for the day should come from this list. The orange or yellow list are important foods too…very nutritious but must be in balance – about 25% of my daily intake and the red list are foods which I can east occasionally or to be added to a meal = approximately 10%. I like this system as I can still eat with the whole family, no weighing of foods or counting calories and still allows me the occasional treat. I’ve learned some things too.

Narelle sent my Hormonal Profile and believes that I will improve by eating for conditions such as: Glucose Imbalance, Adrenal Burnout, Thyroid Imbalance and Hormone Imbalance. I have long suspected all of these conditions but how to go about fixing them was beyond me!

I knew that my caffeine addiction would need to be addressed as would my craving/weakness for Parmesan Cheese. I knew I’d have to drink more water and all those typical things that we all know but don’t do. What I didn’t realise is that some good foods are not necessarily good for me, and my conditions! All my research over the years has led me to certain foods…but not all of them are best for me!

eg: broccoli is my favourite green veg, along with spinach but they aren’t good green veggies for me. They are in my red list but silverbeet, fennel, cucumber and avocado are in my green list! Goji berries are very much on my green list so I’ve added them to my plan. (I put them in m muesli because I don’t like the taste of them) They’re great for building thyroid function though! Pine nuts and bananas are great foods but they are on my yellow and red list. These are two foods that I did eat a lot of. I would eat about 5 bananas a week and a few years ago, before my Parmesan Cheese craving, I craved and devoured pine nuts. So when I did eat real food they seemed to be the wrong foods for my condition.

I was sent a lot of information…much of it I already knew, some of it was new to me. but more than that, I am committed to the APPLICATION of the program.

Next Narelle gave me a list of nutrient supplements that I would benefit from. These supplements have been selected for me and my needs. It is recommended that you use the nutrients for about 3 months. The recommended nutrients are listed in order of significance. I haven’t yet started on the nutrient protocol…but hope to next week. I will only be starting on one or two of the supplements for now as that is all I can afford. During all this time, I’m supposed to keep in contact with MassAttack regularly…letting them know how I am going all the time.

So for now I have been eating more…and eating more regularly. It has not been hard although I am yet to totally get off sugar and caffeine so I know that will slow any progress. So, that’s enough for week one…I’ll write more later.