healthfitnessDid you know that I’ve lost over 100kilograms? It’s such a pity that they keep finding me again! I worked off 20 kgs in order to become pregnant with Miss A. I put on a ton of weight and fluid with that pregnancy and never lost it again until after Miss R was born, when I worked off another (the same) 20kg.

A few years later and I lost a whopping 55 kgs! Then came a knee injury and then the reconstruction. That wasn’t so bad except I never quite got around to doing the physio and strengthening exercises that would enable me to go back to sport. I just  didn’t go back to playing sport again. Oh I coached and ran around a bit but didn’t play. Then we moved to the coldest place in Victoria (well, it seemed like it to me!). Actually we were on the NSW/VIC border and it was so bitterly cold that all I could do each day was rug up, sit next to the heater and read aloud to the kiddos while drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee. So what happened with my weight? Yup, half of the 55 kgs went back on again!

The best way I’ve always found to lose weight is by counting calories. Mind you, I’ve tried just about everything else- portions, low carb, high protein, blah blah blah…But for me, the most successful and easiest way to lose weight as part of my lifestyle is by counting calories – both intake and working them off! For years I’ve used Dr. Allan Borushek’s Calorie Counter, Diary and recipe book and just find it the best way to live. I can still have a glass of wine, milk coffee or a TimTam… just not all at once! :laugh:

I’ve learned heaps from all sorts of books and programs but I still keep going back to Calorie Counting. Well, did you know it’s even easier than ever now?  CalorieKing is Australian…it allows you to input all your personal details and will even plan menus for you if you need. It allows all sorts of diet, nutrition and exercise tracking, recipes, forums, blogs and more! I can load in my regular foods so it is easier to keep track of it or I can use the menu plans designed for me and my needs and preferences. Best of all – it is FREE!

If you are struggling with weight and/or nutritional needs, why don’t you pop over to Calorie King? They have every type of tool and help to help you. Let me know if you join up – we can be buddies!