Just in case anyone ever thought that I had ‘it’ all together this is one of those posts that you’ll want to read.

I fail. Consistently. I throw myself into a new project… and then drop it after awhile.

Confession One
I stopped juicing.

Confession Two
I stopped making green smoothies.

Another confession
I’ve stopped exercising.

Expense. Time. Mess.
All these things combine together and gradually I just stopped making these healthy drinks. Instead I reached for a cup of tea or a coffee. Problem is, those aren’t just quick fixes – they get soaked up by my caffeine addicted body and slowly tear it apart.

I’ve been feeling so lousy that I was forced to do a stocktake of my body and its health. Sadly, I am consuming anywhere from 8 through to 12 cups of black tea per day. On top of that, I have two milk coffee‘s per day but have been noticing that some days I have had FOUR! And it’s not even winter yet.

I’m scared. I know what I’m like in the colder months. I sit in front of the heater and drink caffeine, in its different forms. And way too much milk.

Oh! On top of the daily caffeine intake is the social caffeine drinking- a latte or cappuccino with friends or family.

I can’t even imagine what my insides must look like! But I’ve been feeling tired, not just tired but very fatigued. I’ve been quite light headed, which I mistake for hunger so have a milk coffee. (Yeah I do know how stupid that is) And I feel bloated. So bloated.

Energy Friends has told me that it will only take 543.99 cups of Instant Tea to kill me. Shocking! Maybe not true… but this site has some good info on caffeine in foods and drinks.

Jo (Princess Warrior) has, like me, had health issues for years. She is kicking the caffeine habit. I am inspired by her posts. I’ve been concerned about my caffeine habit for awhile and thinking I need to do something about it… and Jo has been posting on her blog and on Facebook which has motivated me to go beyond the thinking stage.

John would love me to get back into juicing and smoothies… my own health needs me to… so it’s about time I got off my butt and did something about it. Next week, I know I will be a cranky mumma for a few days while I deal with this addiction, but I have to do it. Goodness, I’ve done it before I can do it again – before winter.

Exercise? Gosh, one thing at a time, eh?

Any tips? Ideas? Thoughts? Have you ‘been there, done that’ and have anything to offer me?