I haven’t played a game on facebok for weeks… haven’t blogged much, haven’t been on AussieHomeschool but… I have been on Pinterest!

So what is this Pinterest thing all about? Basically it is your own creative, visual pin board. When you find images of anything that you like, you can ‘pin it’ to your pinterest. You can peruse other people’s boards and like their pins or add it to your own collection. Sure, I can see that some people would wonder why on earth this pinning trend is catching on but it’s really all quite natural – not much different to keeping a scrapbook. When we were first married I kept a scrapbook. No, not a fancy thing like Creative Memories book, rather just a paper scrapbook that I would post lovely images, quotes, scriptures or notes into. Come to think of it, it’s much like blogging! Well Pinterest is a little different but rather than read all about it, pop over to my (rather small) Pinterest page and see the things I like.

I am collecting images of things that inspire me or that I like.

  • Images of home decorations that I could never afford not manage in a rental
  • Clothes that I would never buy or wear
  • Colour schemes that I love but will never be able to use
  • Coffee because I love the colours and artwork
  • Scrumptious food that I simply couldn’t be bothered to make but it all looks good
  • Plants & gardens that I will never plant or grow
  • Word art and saying that I couldn’t think of myself but always nod along in agreement
  • Crafts that I’m too lazy to make

pinterestIf you’d like to join Pinterest, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

If you are already pinning, let me know your email address/username so that we can pin together.