Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12, with parental supervision)
You won’t believe the selection of FREE interactive math games and activities designed for students of all ages that are available at this website. This site also provides links to additional math resources for every strand.

Building Kingdom-minded children
The Bible seems to divide the life of people into three phases. Childhood, young adulthood and adulthood, according to my sweet learned husband. Both the Old Testament refers to words that describe such an age as well as the New Testament, as seen here in John.

In our home, we treated our children differently at each phase. Each new level of life came with new training and responsibility in order to give them a heart for our King and for His kingdom. I believe that there are many paths to teach these principles, but no matter what path you take, it all involves very intentional and purposeful training and planning.

Seeking Out Godly Friends For Your Children
People ask me how important friendships are for children. My answer may not be what you would expect from me…homeschool mom who will fight tooth and nail against the concept that homeschool children need a good dose of socialization… But, my answer as to how important friendships outside your family are would have to be…Click to read the whole article

The Center of Science and Industry
Sounds boring, right? Well, it’s not! The site provides free educational activities in science, industry, health, and history in a most engaging way. Do check it out.

Per Square Miles
Wonder what would happen if we put the world’s population in 1 city? Visit this site for a visual representation.

Lifestyle of Learning has a spiffy new website.LOL is a ministry to families bringing a healthy new face and focus to home education.