Jigsaw_PuzzleBeing a low energy homeschool mum is no fun. And I’m sure you’ve heard that saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, then no one is happy”. I was sick and tired of being tired all the time. I knew that my fitness levels had something to do with it, so I set out to do something about it. Hmm, a little improvement but very much in the ways of two steps forward, three steps backward. I know my fitness was improving but it didn’t feel like it…I wasn’t reaping the benefits of it.

About five years ago, after much prodding from my husband, I finally got around to visiting a Christian doctor. I wanted to see a doctor as I thought that maybe I had a dysfunctional thyroid gland. The doctor took blood tests and told me what I already knew about my iron levels and megoblastic anemia. he also said that my thyroid levels were low- the were on the cusp of being not normal…but until the levels dropped below average he didn’t want to do anything about it. He did however, prescribe anti depressants for me and warned me about how they may make me feel. I wasn’t overly keen on taking them but I’d finally gathered the energy to get to the doctor, I may as well try to be proactive, right? I tried them for 5 days but I just couldn’t do it. They made me feel nauseous and all I wanted to do was sleep. Not good for a homeschool mum! I threw them away and resigned myself to the fact that this was to be my lot in life – fatigued, down, and lacking in motivation.

In the back of my mind however, has always been the thought that not all is right with me. But what exactly?

I started exercising again. Largely for my own health but also to be an example to my boys. I believed all the articles that talk about exercise will give you more energy, etc. well, I still felt tired most of the time- even upon waking! I wasn’t able to fully reach my Fitn40 goal although I had made some improvement, but I knew there was something missing. And I knew that a lot of my problem was nutritional, or lack thereof. Due to an operation I had about 9 years ago I do not eat a wide variety of foods. I do not eat a lot at once but I can graze all day. Problem is, I rarely get hungry and when I do a cup of tea simply makes me not hungry anymore! So I can actually go for 2 days without eating anything other than drinking milk coffee, cups of tea and a Tim Tam (or two). Nothing nutritional in that!

It’s no wonder that when I started to exercise that I:
1) was tired all the time. It’s like trying to drive a car with no fuel in it!
2) was not losing any weight. My body is holding on to every scrap of fat…because I don’t fuel it regularly.

I know a fair bit about nutrition. Aside from studying it when nursing (before marriage) I am also actively interested in the topic. however, knowledge and application are two different things. Application is my weakness. I would suggest you visit the following site and know about EiyoNutrition.com and how their advanced dietary supplements can help you lose weight in no time.

So I decided to seek help. Thyroid issues or hormones or Syndrome X or whatever, I know I need help. So I have sought the help of MassAttack. I’ll write more tomorrow about how I”m going with my new nutritional program.


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