We’re learning more about the Human Body through my latest interest than we ever could through a book!

I’m starting this venture (40 Days of Focus) with my 15yodc…this child is a great help to me. However, the other children were feeling a little out of ‘it’. So, they arose early yesterday morning and came out on the back verandah to join 15yo and myself. Yes, it did get a little crowded but it was all good fun to watch them do some stretching and do some walking on the treadmill.

13yodc is trying to tone their abdominals so set about doing some abdominal crunches and then after our workout we had a great discussion on the differences between a cardio workout and toning/strengthening muscles.We talked about the differences of them and how important it is for the function of the heart…how important it is especially as they get older.

For a few of the children this was simply putting some *mental hooks* in place whereas 13yodc already had a few mental hooks, but was able to place this information on those hooks, and then connect a few more dots. They learnt much more than had we simply had read a book. How? Because it was real- they DID it and not just read about it. Also, they can see it. They see the truths of it when they look at their mother who is often in pain and lacks fitness and strength.? Sure, they’ve read about it all before in books – for some children it was the book reading that put up those mental hooks. But, it is in the practical experience of it that makes it come alive – makes it REAL.

So, what did we do for lessons yesterday? Well, we did do some other things but the most impactful lesson was on the functions of the heart…and that happened at 7.30am.

p.s. my 40 days of focus has nothing whatsoever to do with the latest fad book by Rick Warren.