Bill Phillips talks about how we should strive to hit a ‘high point’ in our workouts. That it is the intensity in which we train, not the duration. He mentions how some fitness people suggest upping your workout routines from 30min to 40 and then to 50 min and so on, as to be more effective, as in More is Better, etc.

He asks, “Why?” He then says “What is that? What’s the objective? To work out all day???” To which he responds that he hoped he could get fit, stay fit AND have a life!!!!! My thoughts exactly!

He talks about hitting high points and efficient workouts, etc. Gee, this sounds a bit like my homeschool- instead of wanting to do lessons and booky stuff all day every day, I want to do our lessons efficiently, hit some high points AND have a life!!!

It all has to be achievable and maintainable eh? It has to become our lifestyle.