Where is my head? Well it isn’t in blogging, that’s for sure! I can’t write about lessons as we’re still in a time of rest, a Sabbath rest. This means that I am not striving toward lessons or the planning of them. This is great but I don’t have any great plans to share. 😉

So, what have we been doing? (Aside from traveling 1500 kilometres to move house and have John start a new job?) Well, I’m on a new fad! Actually, it’s not really new…it’s just taken me awhile to be able to put things together and implement the plans. It isn’t about homeschool or my faith but of course, God is my life and can’t be removed so…

I’m trying to get fit and become healthier in the process. I have been influenced by Bill? Phillips book, Body for Life and also by fellow homeschooler, Jeannie Fullbright. I started my own 12 week challenge! 12 weeks with a slight difference. I feel that a full 12 weeks is too much for me to focus on – I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, even though I’m doing a 12 week challenge I’m doing it with focussed attention for 40 days. Then, I’ll reassess and set some new goals for another 40 days. Sounds weird? Maybe…but I think it will help me to achieve success more so than seeing a looong 12 weeks ahead of myself.

So, what am I doing in this 40 Days of Focus? Well, one must have a goal in order to achieve anything so my goal is to tone my muscles, lose a little weight, regain some fitness and regain a sense of wellness. My new goal is to lose 6 kgs by July 25th. In order to achieve this I have mapped out a plan that I hope to stick to. Here it is in an outlined form:

My Nutrition Guidelines and Sample Meal Plans

  • Eat 5-6 small meals per day, six days per week.
  • Drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday!
  • Supplement meals with Spirulina and Multi vitamins.
  • Each meal should contain a serving of protein & complex carbohydrate.
  • Have either a serving of fruit or 2-3 servings of steamed/raw vegetables or a salad with each meal.
  • Protein serving: fits in the palm of my hand…same thickness.
  • Carbohydrate serving: the size of my fist.
  • I’m aiming to exercise on the treadmill 3 times a week and with weights 3 times a week, on alternating days where practical (I am a homeschool Mum!!!) Sunday will be my free day where I don’t exercise and I can eat what I want to. I occassionally also visit the Neuropathy Relief Guide website to gain some insight on how I could improvise my exercises.

Amidst this, we’ve been establishing new routines, discovering our new city and taking time to continue to build our family relationships-some of which is leading to exciting and life-changing processes but are too intimate to share on a public blog. ~wink~ So, I hope ya’ll don’t mind if I share my learnings and thoughts which may be related to my journey of health and fitness.